LoveBug & Me Music

Sing ~ Dance ~ Imagine

Our lovebugs are loving their online classes! See below for class preparation and suggestions on how to make your online class experience even better. Thank you!

Prepare for Class...

1. Please type your CHILD'S FIRST NAME into the Zoom registration, so that our teacher can call your child by name.

2. Prepare an instrument and keep it out of sight until directed by your teacher. We encourage using found objects. Please try to find a shaker type instrument (a LoveBug & Me shaker, rice in a plastic storage container or even a box of mac & cheese). Also grab something that can be used as a drum (think cardboard box, pot with a wooden spoon, or even a book).

3. Have a scarf, pillow case, washcloth, article of clothing, or stuffed animal handy that can be used during our dance parties. 

4. Clear the area around the computer to prevent distractions during class.

5. BONUS- Connect your computer to your TV for a larger than life experience

Optimize Your Connection...

In order to get the best connection, you can do the following before starting your class.
These are not necessary but can help give you a quality experience....

1. Restart your device prior to each class.

2. Close all other programs, apps, and windows. Keep other users of your WiFi to a minimum during class.

3. Plug in directly through an ethernet cable for maximum connection to the internet.

Thank you and see you in class!