LoveBug & Me Music

Sing ~ Dance ~ Imagine


Q: Why should I hire LoveBug & Me for my child’s birthday party?

A: There are 5 main reasons that our families invite us to celebrate their little lovebug’s birthday parties:

- OUR MUSIC: Our high-quality music program features real instruments and includes award-winning LoveBug original and traditional children’s songs.

- OUR AWARDS: We have been voted "Best of Los Angeles" for the past six years by the readers of trusted parenting publications such as Red Tricycle, Hulafrog, and more.

- OUR TEACHERS: We have the highest standards for our "Magical Music Educators." Each teacher is carefully chosen to contribute their unique energy and talents to each heart-led celebration, where your child is the center of attention!

- OUR MASCOT: If you've ever been to a LoveBug class or event, you know that our puppet friend, "LoveBug" holds a special place in everyone's hearts and he’ll be there to celebrate!

- OUR VARIETY: We work with each family to cater the music and activities to your specifications. Do you have song requests or a special theme? We bring that to life through our interactive performance.

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Q: What else do you offer in addition to music?

A: Parachute play, bubbles, storytelling, puppets are all included in the fee. For an additional cost, we can also add a jumbo drum, temporary tattoos, or arts & crafts.

Q: Can I add any special requests?

A: Absolutely! We will do our best to cater our entertainment specifically to your child's party.

Q: Can I request a specific Magical Music Educator?

A: Yes, please let us know if you have a preference and, if schedules permit, we will make it happen.

Q: How many Magical Music Educators will I need?

A: For parties with 1-12 kids, you can opt to have 1 or 2 Magical Music Educators. One MME works well however some families enjoy a bigger sound with 2 musicians, harmonies, and more instruments. For parties over 12 kids, we require 2 MMEs.

Q: When should the birthday entertainment start?

A: 45 mins after your party starts is the sweet spot. Guests want a chance to have a few bites of food and say hello to their friends before the entertainment begins. However, when you wait too long, kiddies (and parents) get tired.

Q: How long should the party be?

A: Two hours is a good length of time for babies or toddlers (maximum 3 hours). Kids (and parents) can get overwhelmed with long parties.

Q: How long should the entertainment be?

A: This is a personal preference. 45-60 minutes is perfect for kids ages 1-2. Older kids might enjoy an added feature such as face painting or temporary tattoos, which takes extra time depending on the number of children. Ask us for details via EMAIL


Q: How much will this cost?

A: Price depends on the number of Magical Music Educators you will be needing and how long you would like us to entertain. See our PARTY OPTIONS for more details.

Q: How does payment work? What if I have to cancel?

A: We require payment in full to hold your spot. It is 100% refundable up until 15 days prior to your event. The fee is 50% refundable within 15 days of your event. We will always work with you if you need to reschedule.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Please speak with us directly to see if we can come up with something that works for you and your family.

Q: Will the MME act as a babysitter while the entertainment is happening so that the adults can socialize?
A: Our MMEs love kids but are not responsible for the children during the party, therefore parents need to stay with their children. The parties that are the most fun are the ones when all of the adults participate. Encourage your guests (even those without kids) to join in the fun. We promise that it will make for a memorable event!

Q: What if my guests are not on time? Can I request the MME to start late?

A: Our MMEs usually have other events booked after yours and do not have much flexibility. If you request your MME to start later than the scheduled time, they still have to end at the originally agreed to end time (give or take 5 minutes). 

Q: What if we'd like to extend the entertainment and have the MME go over their scheduled time?

A: If the Magical Music Educator is available to stay later, there will be an additional charge of $50 per Magical Music Educator for each 15 minutes over the originally scheduled time. This balance is due at the end of the performance (cash preferred). 

Q: Should I tip the Magical Music Educator?

A: Tips are appreciated for excellent service. 

Q: How can I check on availability and reserve LoveBug & Me Music for my child’s party?

A: Just click HERE! We are looking forward to celebrating with your little lovebug!