LoveBug & Me Music

Sing ~ Dance ~ Imagine


Q: Why choose LoveBug & Me?

There are 5 main reasons that our families come back to LoveBug & Me time and again:
  • OUR MUSIC: Our high-quality music program features real instruments and includes award-winning LoveBug originals, and traditional kids favorites.
  • OUR AWARDS: We have been voted "Best of Los Angeles" for the past six years by the readers of trusted parenting publications such as Red Tricycle, Hulafrog, and more.
  • OUR TEACHERS: We have the highest standards for our "Magical Music Educators." Each MME is carefully chosen to contribute their unique energy and talents to each class... and most importantly, they teach with heart!
  • OUR MASCOT: If you've ever been to a LoveBug class or event, you know that our puppet friend, "LoveBug" holds a special place in everyone's hearts.
  • OUR VARIETY: We have special themes each session to keep things interesting and fresh  for both children and grown-ups.

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Q: What should I expect at my in-person music classes?

Each class is 45 minutes of singing, dancing, instrument playing, puppets, creative movement, learning and fun! We have dance parties, puppets, bubbles, imaginative play and parachutes! Our songs are a mixture of traditional favorites, original LoveBug & Me music and classics lovebug by all ages.

Q: What should I expect during my online music class? Does my child need an adult with them?

Both our in-person and online classes are also full of singing, dancing, instrument playing, puppets, creative movement, learning and fun! Our live streaming classes are very personalized and interactive. Adults are required for smaller lovebugs, while older children can enjoy the class with a grown up nearby. We strongly recommend that you make sure your Zoom account is updated to the most recent version so you can enjoy our special effects.

Q: Do I Have To Wear A Mask? Are Vaccines Required?

Click HERE for our mandatory health requirements. We reserve the right to adjust our protocols based on recommendations of the CDC and the laws that govern our county and state. 

For INDOOR classes: All adults are required to be vaccinated. Everyone 2 years of age and older must wear masks. Caretakers must show proof of vaccination for their first indoor class. 

For OUTDOOR classes: Masks are required to be worn by all unvaccinated guests 2 years of age and older. This is subject to change, based on local laws. 

For PRIVATE classes: Please refer to your host for more information. 

For ALL CLASSES: You are welcome to take a mask break outside and away from the group if needed. It is the responsibility of the adult accompanying the child to ensure that the mask is worn correctly and at all times during the class. 

Q: How old should my child be to start classes?

We welcome newborns to age 6 years. The smallest of babies can benefit from the enhanced brain development, socialization, listening, motor skills and bonding that our music classes provide. Young children are drawn to rhythms reminding them of their mother’s heartbeat.

Q: What do I need to bring to class?

INDOOR: You will need to bring your mask and a mask for your child. If you forget, our staff will have some on hand for you. Please do not bring food or non-essential drinks into the classroom. Socks are recommended as we are a shoe-free venue. 

OUTDOOR: You will need to bring your mask (if you are unvaccinated) and a mask for your child, if you forget, our staff will have some on hand for you. Keep in mind that our outdoor classes can be sunny, we do our best to provide shade but that is not guaranteed. Please apply sunblock and/or wear a sunhat, and drink water. Lastly, bring a blanket to sit on, we suggest one that is waterproof since the grass could be wet from the morning dew. Our teachers will provide sanitized instruments at each class, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. 

ONLINE: Please prepare the space for the best online experience. We suggest clearing the room to provide a distraction free environment. Round up a few instruments for your child to use. You can grab sets off Amazon or use your imagination and create some at home. Pots & pans are great! 

Q. Do I need to register for classes, drop-ins, and make ups in advance?

Yes! Our classes fill quickly and we encourage you to register for your class, drop-ins, and make ups in advance through our website. We highly recommend that you check the website for the latest updates in class days/times/teachers before you register. 

Q: What if I have to miss a class?

You may make up any missed classes within the same semester, as long as there is space available and you notate your absence in your online account. For more detailed information and to schedule your Make Up, go to our MAKE UP SCHEDULER.

Q: Is it possible to receive a refund?

We offer refunds in full up to 14 days prior to the series start date. After that date, we cannot offer refunds or credits toward future series because it can be difficult to find a replacement so close to the series start date.

Q: Do you clean the instruments?

YES! We sanitize ALL of the instruments prior to each class using CDC recommended, non-toxic cleaners! All instruments are removed from circulation after each class and are properly cleaned and sanitized prior to the next class. 

Q: My child is very active, will this be distracting?

We have had so many LoveBugs take their first steps in our classes! We encourage kids to be kids. The only rule is to stay safe. If you find that your child is aggressive towards others in class or becomes upset, we recommend stepping outside of class for a few minutes until they are feeling better. During times of social distancing, we need all families to make sure to maintain a safe distance.

Q: Why would I want a mixed-age class for my child?

Our classes are developmentally appropriate, allowing every child to approach the activity at their own pace and progress to the next stage of music development on their own timetable. Mixed-age classes provide children with the opportunity to interact with groups of different ages, to be models for younger children and have older children, parents and teachers model for them.

Q: What is your sick policy?

We all want our little lovebugs to stay safe and healthy. Please do not come to class if you or your child's caretaker is sick. Click here for our Wellness Policy and COVID protocols.

Q: Do you perform for birthday parties and private events?

Yes, our Magical Music Educators are available to celebrate your child’s special day! Whether you are having your party at your home or any other location, we can come to you. For more information, click HERE or fill out the Event Form.