LoveBug & Me Music

Sing ~ Dance ~ Imagine

What Parents Say...

The classes are PERFECT!  We love everything about them.  ESPECIALLY Miss Mary's beautiful voice, calming energy and amazing hello and goodbye songs.

                   ~ Katie D., Woodland Hills, CA

"Miss Mary and LoveBug Music class has been such a source of joy for my two kids.  Mary is super sweet, patient and engaging with the kids. She teaches traditional sing along songs, songs from her theme as well as original music all while strumming her guitar or ukulele. The kids love the big variety of instruments she brings and look forward to class every week.  I highly recommend this class...what's not to love about beautiful music, a sweetheart of a teacher and happy joyful children?"               ~ A. Jones, Burbank CA

"Wow! I was so impressed with Mary, her beautiful voice and her way of connecting with the kids. We had a blast at her class and can't wait to go back!"

~ Carole C., Culver City, CA

"Our whole family loves Mary!  My son and husband adore her and we all continue to visit her creative and developmentally appropriate music classes.  We love dancing to the music, singing songs, playing instruments, and enjoying the themes she creates.  I highly recommend Mary's teaching not just for her music classes, but for her empathic and loving quality she naturally embodies as a person through life conversation and mothering support."        

   ~ Kelly M., Topanga CA

"We've been going to Mary's classes since my child was a tiny infant and I can't say enough good things about her and what she has to offer. My son adores her and holds her on some degree of awe as this special, almost magical, musical person in his life. She has a wonderful way of supporting parents and engaging children at the same time. She sings and plays so beautifully it is worth going to a class just for that but really there is so much that my child and I get out of every session. She has been very accommodating and welcoming with my child's caregiver as well. We're so happy that she is now offering online classes so we can attend from anywhere!"    

                                                 ~ Jessica R., Topanga, CA

"I signed up for LoveBug and Me when my son was only a few months old as a way to get out of the house and to give my baby a gentle welcoming to the world with the music. By the end of that first series he was sitting up and clapping with the rest of the class!  Nearly a year later, we are in our third class series and loving it. My little one has really flourished in the classes and already has a huge appreciation for music. He often sings to himself at home after we have been at class! Mary is a warm and compassionate teacher with a positive roll-with-it mentality. Her classes are themed but not strict and babies and toddlers are free to move around and explore the room and the many small instruments she brings. It's amazing to me how she transforms a room of under slept parents and babies into smiles and energy! Her classes have been a HUGE gift to my little guy and me in providing an open creative space for him to absorb music and socialize with other little ones at different stages of development."                  ~ Sara M., Los Angeles, CA